Mining, Oil & Gas

Keeping Workers and Projects Safe in Mining, Oil, and Gas Industries

We recognise the unique challenges faced by the mining, oil, and gas sectors with the legal, social and ethical pressures of maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety. Our specialised services are designed to address these challenges, focusing on respirator fit testing, occupational hygiene, health surveillance, and environmental monitoring. Here’s how partnering with us can benefit your operations:

  1. Enhanced Worker Safety: Our respirator fit testing ensures that personal protective equipment (PPE) meets the required standards and fits appropriately, crucial in environments where air quality may be compromised. This service is vital for protecting workers against respiratory hazards commonly found in mining, oil, and gas operations, thereby reducing health risks and enhancing overall safety.

  2. Comprehensive Occupational Hygiene: We provide thorough assessments and proactive management of occupational hygiene to identify and mitigate exposure to hazardous substances and situations. Our approach helps in preventing occupational injuries and illnesses, while maintaining a healthy workforce, which is essential for maximising productivity and minimising health-related absences.

  3. Rigorous Health Surveillance: Regular health surveillance allows for early detection of signs and symptoms that may be related to workplace exposures. This enables timely intervention and can prevent the progression of occupational illnesses. Our health surveillance programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the mining, oil, and gas industries, ensuring that health risks are managed effectively.

  4. Accurate Environmental Monitoring: We employ smart LoRaWAN technology and efficient methodologies to monitor environmental parameters, including air quality, noise levels, and potential chemical exposures. This not only helps in complying with environmental regulations but also protects your workforce and the surrounding community from potential harm.

  5. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Reduction: Staying ahead of regulatory changes and ensuring compliance are paramount in high-risk industries. Our expertise in environmental and occupational health regulations helps you navigate these complexities. By reducing regulatory risks, we help you avoid costly fines and operational disruptions, ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

ENVSS is committed to enhancing the operational safety and efficiency of clients in the mining, oil, and gas sectors. Our tailored services in respirator fit testing, occupational hygiene, health surveillance, and environmental monitoring are designed to meet the specific challenges of your industry. Partner with us to ensure that your operations not only meet current health and safety standards but also set new benchmarks in worker protection and regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in achieving these goals and driving the success of your site.

Inhalation is the most common route through which foreign and often dangerous substances enter the body. Therefore, where there is a risk of exposure to potentially toxic or infectious airborne contaminants, a facial respirator should always be worn. Whilst personal respiratory devices, such as full- and half-face masks are essential in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, if the respirator is not fitted correctly it may not be providing you with the necessary protection.

Occupational hygiene is vital in the workplace to protect employee health and safety. It involves managing risks like toxic substances and excessive noise to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries. Effective hygiene boosts well-being and productivity, reduces absenteeism, and lowers healthcare costs. Overall, it is key to maintaining a healthy work environment and safeguarding an organisation’s most valuable asset – its employees.

As an approved WorkCover WA service provider, Environmental Site Services can ensure your company complies with the Australian Standard 1269.4 (AS 1269.4) by conducting onsite hearing screenings of your employees in our approved mobile air conditioned sound proof booth. Environmental Site Services provides on-site and laboratory drug and alcohol testing to meet your safety and policy requirements.

ENVSS provides monitoring services ranging from attended monitoring by an ENVSS professional to fully autonomous stations built in-house equipped with full remote telemetry and SMS/email alerts for proactive management. Autonomous systems allows our clients to access their data real-time, make informed management decisions and produce reports on demand via the Environmental Site Services Client Portal.