Poor ventilation, uncomfortable temperatures, formaldehyde, mould and odours have been linked to health effects ranging from mild irritation to cancers.

Environmental Site Services will ensure that all occupational health risks associated with air quality and comfort within the built environment are managed to meet your workplace health and safety requirements. We will provide a building inspection, a report as well as subsequent recommendations and reinspections to ensure continued, maintained and managed building health.

Environmental Site Services conducts the following services;

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments

IAQ assessments typically involve tests for;

Temperatures (too hot or too cold) can make the workplace environment very uncomfortable leading to sick days and drops in performance. Low humidity can lead to coughs and colds while high humidity can lead to mould growth.

Formaldehyde and other VOCs from new furnishings and fittings can lead to irritation with formaldehyde now listed by Safe Work Australia as a known carcinogen.

Building Ventilation

Building ventilation surveys are conducted to investigate the effectiveness of Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Systems. The surveys will include:

    • Desk top review of maintenance, cleaning and testing of the HVAC systems
    • Visual inspection for dust, moisture, mould and faults
    • Check that all dampeners are operational
    • No overflow check cleanliness of pans
    • No air leaks
    • Check motors, fan belts for excessive noise and vibration
    • Note ozone depleting substances (CFCs)

Building ventilation surveys should be conducted regularly and can often save time and expense by identifying faults early on.

Cooling Towers

Regular checks and maintenance of cooling towers can reduce maintenance costs and reduce the chance of litigation arising from health risks from bacteria such as legionella.

    • Desk top audit of cooling tower systems maintenance and chemical treatment schedules
    • Corrosion coupons to identify issues and save money through preventative maintenance
    • Legionella and total bacteria testing
    • Chemical checks
    • Ensured compliance with Australian Standard AS3666: Air-handling and Water Systems of Buildings – Microbial Control

Cooling tower inspections can minimise risk to building occupants and provide information for preventative maintenance and accurate budgeting for future maintenance and replacement.

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