Prior to refurbishment or demolition, a Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Survey must be undertaken to identify and remove hazardous materials. A HAZMAT Survey notifies hazards so workers, nearby building occupiers and the general public will not be exposed to hazardous materials such as:

    • Airborne asbestos fibres
    • Lead dust
    • Ozone Depleting Substance
    • Fuel Storage facilities
    • Synthetic mineral fibres (SMF)
    • Polychlorinated biphenyl’s (PCBs)

Under clause 1.6 in AS 2601 a hazardous materials survey must be undertaken prior to demolition work. Even if an asbestos audit or HAZMAT survey has been completed recently it is important that a pre-demolition survey is also undertaken as many hazardous materials can be found hidden within the building fabric and wall cavities. Pre-demolition surveys include destructive sampling techniques whereby partial destruction is undertaken before actual demolition.

A Hazardous Material Demolition Plan clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of an organisation to reduce the potential for health effects from hazardous materials during demolition and refurbishment.

The Hazardous Material Demolition Plan involves a systematic process to:

    • Identify organisational roles and responsibilities
    • Identify hazardous materials
    • Educate others and understand health effects from hazardous materials
    • Meet legislative requirements
    • Assess the risk of hazardous materials
    • Control the risk of exposure to hazardous materials
    • Remove the hazardous material while controlling risk
    • Validate the area post hazardous material removal
    • Safely transport and dispose of hazardous materials

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