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We provide tailored environmental solutions in Australia, offering environmental monitoring, soil and water assessments, asbestos auditing, and OHS equipment fit testing to ensure your people remain safe and your organisation maintains regulatory compliance.

Monitoring services are tailored to your needs, ranging from ENVSS staff attended monitoring to autonomous stations with remote telemetry and alerts. You can access real-time data, make informed decisions, and generate reports via our Client Portal. We understand industry demand and meet client expectations by building our equipment to be flexible, mobile, efficient, accurate and robust.

Occupational hygiene entails identifying, evaluating, and managing workplace environmental risks to health. Our services cater to diverse needs, crafting solutions for complex hygiene and safety challenges. Our expert staff collaborates with you to implement effective hygiene management systems, crucial for meeting site and legal standards.

We provide hazardous material management to building owners, property developers and facility managers to meet specific client requirements including identification and risk assessment of hazardous material, development of detailed hazardous material management plans and supervision of hazardous material remediation works.

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Our monitoring solutions are tailored to evaluate and mitigate environmental and occupational risks associated with the mining ,oil and gas industries. Utilizing innovative technologies and reliable data analysis, we aid clients in tracking critical parameters such as noise levels, vibrations and air quality. We promote workspace health and safety by proactively identifying , assessing and managing occupational risks that could lead to harm or health issues. Additionally we assist clients in fulfilling their baseline and ongoing compliance health and hygiene monitoring responsible under work health and safety regulation.

Our comprehensive environmental and hazardous materials monitoring solutions are designed to assess and manage environmental impacts associated with construction projects, such as noise and vibration levels and airborne contaminants, for example asbestos fibres and silica. This ensures adherence to regulatory standards and fosters sustainable practices. Our occupational hygiene services support clients in navigating the health and safety challenges posed by evolving workforces and environments. We can offer personal monitoring services to assess the risk to individuals and offer recommendations for improvements. Furthermore, we offer on-site support and educational resources for staff, along with developing workplace procedures that are both applicable and comprehensible at the task level.

We assist industry and manufacturing firms in overseeing and evaluating environmental and occupational impacts by monitoring parameters such as air and water quality, as well as noise and vibration levels. Our environmental monitoring services ensure regulatory compliance while advocating for sustainable practices. This empowers manufacturing operations to reduce their environmental impact and maintain the safety of their workforce. Our occupational hygiene services ensure safe work practices, educate employees and assist in implementing effective control measures to prevent health issues caused by the work environment. We also offer a variety of workforce screening services, such as Respirator and Hearing Protection Fit Testing, as well as Workcover WA Audiometric Testing.

We specialise in aiding Facility Services Providers in upholding robust health and safety monitoring practices and high hygiene standards for their clients across government, education, commercial, healthcare and aged care sectors. Our customised solutions enable a comprehensive assessment of the risks associated with assets in your management portfolio. We will collaborate with you to mitigate or reduce hazards, such as the presence of asbestos, mould, bacteria, dust, fumes or chemicals and ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for staff, visitors, customers and business partners.

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