“CHILDHOOD exposure to environmental lead has been linked to mental, behavioural and physical deficits, and now the toxic lead dust has been connected to violent assault” Source – The Australian

Lead Dust

Source – The Australian www.theaustralian.com.au

Lead exposure has long been thought to affect children’s physical and mental development. Now researchers in the US have found that higher levels of lead exposure in decades previous show a link to violent assault.

Exposure to lead comes from contaminated air, soil and food. Older homes contain lead paint is a major source of lead exposure in younger children. Children crawling around in older homes are exposed to paint dust and flakes. One chip of paint ingested can contain many milligrams of lead.

As a home owner and a parent, testing for lead in paint is a must and should be done either by using a qualified HAZMAT consultant or purchasing a lead test kit from a paint or hardware store. Paint containing lead should not be disturbed and strict precautions should be put in place during removal.